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Man accused of stealing blow-up doll - December 23rd. 2009
By Karen Voyles - Staff writer - The Gainsville Sun

A man accused of shoplifting a blow-up doll from an adult store on Monday was charged with armed robbery in connection with an incident with another patron inside an arcade booth at the store a few hours later.

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office also accused the man of instigating a disturbance at a convenience store, causing a wreck and changing into a woman's jogging suit while stealing a gun. His girlfriend was arrested on allegations that she helped him hide from deputies.

Brett Aaron Sanford, 26, was arrested after he was found hiding under the mattress at the home where he and his girlfriend live with her mother at 13525 N.E. County Road 1471 in Waldo.

Sanford's problems began Monday when he allegedly stole a blow-up doll from the Theater X Adult Super Center at 6810 N.E. U.S. 301 in Orange Heights. Deputies said the theft was discovered later, after Sanford had returned to the store at about 2 p.m.

During his second visit to Theater X, witnesses said Sanford was inside an arcade booth mumbling to himself. Another man offered to help and stepped into the booth to take a closer look at the dollar-bill device, deputies reported. The man told deputies Sanford asked him "Do you see this?" and held up an item that looked like a gun.

The man claimed he did not have any money but offered to go out to his car and get some. Sanford responded by saying, "I don't want to hear that," the Sheriff's Office reported. The two men got into a wrestling match for control of the gun, the man said, while the store manager called 911. Sanford was seen leaving in a gray Ford Focus that had significant body damage.

While deputies were responding to Theater X, a disturbance was reported at Tim's Fast Nickel Store at 9905 S.E. Hawthorne Road. Sheriff's spokesman Art Forgey said the instigator in the disturbance later was identified as Sanford, but charges had not been filed against him in connection with that incident by late Tuesday.

Putnam County deputies were called to assist in the search for Sanford and helped Alachua County deputies find his car, which appeared to have been abandoned at 4200 N.E. County Road 234.

Forgey said the car apparently had side-swiped a trailer being pulled by another driver. Following the crash, witnesses said a man matching Sanford's description fled into a nearby wooded area. The incident was under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol on Tuesday.

Inside the car, deputies reported finding Sanford's driver's license as well as a blow-up doll that Forgey said apparently had been shoplifted during Sanford's first visit to Theater X.

Late Monday, deputies were working a burglary in the area where Sanford's car was found. Forgey said based on evidence at the scene, it appeared Sanford might have changed into a woman's jogging suit and stolen a .22-caliber pistol.

Sanford was arrested Tuesday after being discovered beneath a bedroom mattress by a Sheriff's Office canine named Razor. Sanford's girlfriend, Karilynn Ruth Yoder, 27, was arrested for resisting an officer after she allegedly denied that Sanford was inside the home.

Sanford and Yoder were being held at the Alachua County jail late Tuesday evening.

"This guy could have saved himself from being arrested and much embassesment if he had bought a blow-up doll!"

By Yvonne K. Fulbright, Fox News - April 15, 2008
"Dream lover" has taken on a whole new meaning. By 2050, you could be falling for a humanoid.

Thanks to computer programming, robots will be almost indistinguishable from humans - they will have the same muscles, emotions, voices and talents.

Forget that you're not exactly from the same mold. Sexually speaking, these sexbots will have proven themselves superior to us.

"Love and sex with robots on a grand scale is inevitable," according to David N.L. Levy, author of Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relations.

In the age of technology, who can deny that people love their gadgets? Is it a huge leap in logic to think that we will lust after sexbots, artificial skin and all?

Can these amour-inducing androids actually turn us into raging sex maniacs?

An expert on artificial intelligence, Levy certainly thinks so.

"Love with robots will be as normal as love with other humans, while the number of sexual acts and lovemaking positions commonly practiced between humans will be extended, as robots teach us more than is in all of the world's published sex manuals combined," he writes.

Apparently, these inanimate objects of desire will trump the rest of us when it comes to sexual techniques; they will far exceed human companions when it comes to sexual gratification. (Normally, that would be a really hot thought, but right now I can't shake visions of The Terminator.)

Among the ways sexbots will show us up under the sheets:

You will have your very own personal sex tutor.

You can have sex whenever you want.

Your sex life will be full of variety and adventure, fueling your libido as never before.

You will be able to fulfill your every sexual fantasy.

You will never hear the words, "I have a headache." In other words, you won't be rejected.

You could have better sex than you ever thought possible.

It all sounds crazy - inconceivable - until you consider that the Japanese already have a multibillion-dollar robot industry. One company, Axis, is already producing life-sized Honeydoll sexbots for men, which cost $7,000.

South Korean and Japanese rent-a-sex-doll services have proven themselves successful so far. In the very least, it's safe to say that there will be a demand for these virtual beings, at least initially.

Still, I'm just not buying Levy's suggestions that we'll actually develop an emotional love relationship with these electronic objects. While Levy claims that a benefit of android sex is that you can be intimate sans the emotional "complications" of a human sexual relationship, he still proposes that we run the risk of falling in love.

Just as we love our pets, motorcycles and partners, we will fall head over heels for our sexy humanoids. Perhaps, then, this toy's warning label should include: "Caution: Having sex with this product could cause you to fall in love with it."

Perhaps what is most amusing about Levy's vision is that he's way off on how women, in particular, will take these humanoids to heart. His book's front cover highlights this with its illustration of a bride leaning over to kiss a robot. R2D2 was cute, but come on!

Given Levy's gender stereotypes around female motivations for sex, love and intimacy, he fantasizes that women will be waiting with their arms wide-open "to feel the robot's virtual love for them."

Levy's rationale: In recent years, hordes of women have taken to battery-powered sexual enhancement products as never before. So robot-sex is just a natural extension of her titillating toy box. Grateful for the immense physical pleasures attained from their robot-induced orgasms, women will be enthralled with their virtual lover's love-making skills.

Men, on the other hand, will lust after sexbots for purely physical reasons. They may, however, use the sexbots in exploring their feelings on a deeper level. Thank goodness, because if Levy's crystal ball comes true, the genders are going to have major problems being intimate with fellow humans on a number of levels.

In going from the interpersonal to the sociological impact sexbots will have on us, Levy further imagines a world free of sexually transmitted diseases and prostitution. Who needs sex workers when you have your very own sex slave for pleasure and satisfaction? Forgetting the sheer joy some Johns get from just paying for sex - the power element involved - Levy sees the android as the ultimate sex worker. After all, a sexbot will do a much better job than a prostitute in pretending to be into you.

Perhaps most striking about Levy's work is the presumption that the social stigma for buying and using a sexbot will be minimal. Who of your friends has a blow-up doll that you know of? If you can't think of any, then I've made my point.

In making this assumption, Levy completely discounts the fact that many people will have trouble getting past the idea that they're having sex with an android and how society will judge.

He thinks sexbots will be like iPods - everyone will have to have one, and all of us will be having sex galore. In all fairness, he may not be too far off, given our love for our "crackberries."

While fascinating, I just don't see Levy's predictions coming true, at least not on a large scale. Call me old-fashioned, but I can't imagine anything better than sharing absolutely amazing sex with another human being. Call me a cynic, but I think people will eventually get bored with their sexbots.

Saturday Star - Sometimes love's a blow job
March 24, 2008 Edition 1

Lindsay Lohan and fellow actress Jessica Simpson have been recreated as blow-up sex dolls.

The Herbie: Fully Loaded actress and The Dukes of Hazzard star Jessica have been added to the Pipedream Products line of the inflatable toys.

The "Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll" bears the slogan: "She's no love bug, she's a fiery red ... who never says no and is always up for a good time."

While Jessica's "Love Doll", which comes with "three thrilling holes" reads: "She's sexy, newly single, and ready for you! This hot blonde bombshell has three thrilling holes to satisfy your every desire, and since she's dumb as an ox, she never says no"

Anatomy of a Trend Piece - Fishbowl NY

1. The specialty media discovery. In Radar's April issue, a piece runs on celebrity inspired blow-up dolls. Focusing on the creations of blow-up doll baron Nick Orlandio, mention is made of a Sarah Jessica Parker model, "Sarah Jessica Porker Loves Sex In Her Sh***y":

The most recent one [is] Sarah Jessica Porkher. The dolls are all about the box and artwork, because if you've seen the dolls, they're miserable-looking. The SJP doll is funniest. We were able to take existing copy and have fun with it. Keep in mind that Radar mentioned a variety of celebrity inspired dolls, folks. Not just Sarah Jessica Parker.

2. Around 1.5 weeks after the Radar piece hits newsstands, the New York Post discovers the SJP blow up doll:

The Chatsworth, Calif., sex-toy company's Web site touts the doll with mock laudatory newspaper reviews, like this one from "USGay Today": "From laptops to lap dances, this high-class piece of a - is gonna show you her Lower East Side!", "I would think HBO would make an effort to stop this on the basis of trademark infringement," Brian Brokate, a Manhattan intellectual-property attorney, told The Post.

Source: FunDumper - by Cherry Liquor
Oh... My... Lawsuit. Apparently there's an adult toy company who is just begging to take it in one of their three holes with the introduction of a set of blow-up sex dolls resembling some famous actresses, singers and celebutards. Ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Eva Longoria to an "Xtina" looking Christina Aguilera, the dolls have not yet made it to the company's website (yeah, I checked) but have apparently been constructed and are ready to go out on the market any day now.

Considering that SJP was just named the least sexy or least bone-able or whatever title the guys over at Maxim Magazine like to degrade women with (so what if you don't like her face... to try and deny that she hasn't got a rockin' bod is a blind, idiotic oversight), I was a little surprised by that selection. The Jessica Simpson one, however? Not so much. She's practically a blow-up doll in real life.

I don't imagine that these will be making it to the XXX shop shelves anytime soon once the bevy of beauties rounds up their bevy of lawyers. While the women on the covers of the boxes are clearly adult models who look similar to the actresses, it's a close enough match to get thrown out of the game. So if you see one, buy it fast. I know I will. I love me some collector's items.

Sex and the City Gets the Sex Doll Treatment - April 6, 2008
Just in time for the Sex and the City movie, it's the Sex and the City-inspired "Sarah Jessica Porkher" sex doll! We won't speculate how the NY Post found out about this $20 blow-up doll, but it is hilariously disturbing/disturbingly hilarious.

The doll comes from Pipedream Products, which has a "Super Star Series" (there are dolls inspired by Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and, uh, Tori Spelling).

Their faux publications, like the "Ball Street Journal," praise the product with fake quotes like "We all know she dresses fabulous and really likes it BIG" and "From laptops to lapdances, this high class piece of ass is gonna show you her lower east side!" It's actually much more graphic--NSFW and possibly Not Safe For Your Home and Mental Sanity.

The model on the box looks a lot like SJP, and the Post thinks the typography looks a lot like the Sex and the City font. A lawyer said, "I would think HBO would make an effort to stop this on the basis of trademark infringement...The courts don't look kindly on this type of thing, which demeans the show and tarnishes the star's image.

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