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Click here for a great selection of blowup dolls!If you are looking for male blow up dolls for any bachelorette party, adult party, gay party or just because, we have your male blow up doll information! Interestingly enough, there are not a lot of male blow up dolls on the market as men usually are more into inflatable than women (so at least it seems on the surface). Male blow up dolls have been becoming more popular in the recent times due to the fact that the comfort factor of women speaking more openly about sex (i.e., vagina monologues) as well as bachelorette parties becoming more wild. Below we have listed the male blow up dolls that are out on the market as well as where you can purchase these male inflatable.

It is interesting that someone has not made male celebrity blow up dolls. However, this does not mean you can't be creative! Dress up your bachelorette party blow up doll as your favorite male celebrity! You can create a brad pitt blow up doll with a short spiked wig and a name tag that states brad pit. Create a David Beckham blow up doll by placing him in a soccer uniform along with drawing his tattoos! Have fun dressing up your male celebrity blow up doll in the outfit of choice! This makes a great bachelorette party blow up doll and a great last night out!

If you are looking for male anatomy blow ups, check out our blow up Willie section and blow up doll games section.

Filthy Fireman Blow Up Doll
For any girl who loves firemen, this is the inflatable for you. This box has a hot hunk on the cover stating "Ring the alarm he's smokin hot!" and "He's got a huge hose." Great for any bachelorette party looking for a male hot air companion for the evening to cool things off. One of the new bachelorette blow up dolls and already a favorite!

The Handyman Blow Up Doll
Looking for a handyman at your next party? You have found him with this great hunk blow up doll that has a cute guy on the box and states "He's got major wood" and "He's the right tool for the job!". There are other funny statements on the handyman box that you and the girls will love!

Barack Obama blow up doll
Barack Obama blowup dollA company has finally done it and created the Barack Obama blow up doll. We are not sure how we feel about it as it is our President no matter what is going on in the Oval Office. It is quite funny how they have described the president blow up doll which includes sayings like:

He Fu***d the Economy, Now You Can F*ck Him Back!
He'll Batter Your Bush
Visit His Oval Orifice
He's Got A Presidential-Sized Power Tool!
He's The Clear Winner in This Year's Presidential Erection
He's Got The Biggest Presidential Staff Ever!

Let us know your thoughts about this Barack blow up doll.

The Situation Blow up Doll
Guido - The Situation Blowup DollIf you love Jersey Shore, then you will love this Situation blow up doll which is great for any bachelorette party. The package is funny as it states, "He's Jersey's #1 Juiced-Up Gigolo". This is a great product and very contemporary as the doll can pass for The Situation blow up doll, DJ Pauly D blow up doll or even Vinney. Handcuff the bachelorette to this Italian hunk and have some fun!

Male Blow Up Doll - John Doll
Blow Up DollThis doll is the most popular out of any male blow up doll since it is used at most bachelorette parties. John is a cheap date and knows just what to say to the ladies.......nothing! He just sits pretty and is at times dressed up and handcuffed to the bachelorette! This doll has no lower anatomy but is a party animal at any bachelorette party or adult party!

 Black Blowup DollThe LeRoy Bachelorette Blow Up Doll
Finally a black blow up doll has come! It is amazing that the companies only make white dolls until now! This blow up bachelorette doll is a great gag gift and can be dressed up in your favorite clothing. Make him a Denzel Washington blow up doll, Will Smith blow up doll, or even a Taye Diggs blow up doll! The girls will love it and so will you. Warning that this doll comes equipped with a nice blow up willie that is about 6 inches! Make sure not to take this bachelorette party doll out on the town unless properly dressed but he will be the life and hot air of the party!

Blow Up Dolls
Mr. Stud Blow Up Doll
If you are looking for a little more than John above, check out the Mr. Stud love doll that has a painted face and is equipped for any occasion if you know what I mean :) The packaging is great and this doll is a little more expensive but well worth the purchase if you are looking for a little more of a memorable time at the bachelorette party or for personal fun :)

Blow Up DollButch Male Blow Up Doll
When you are looking for a meat head with a lot of muscle and only one thing on the brain, you have found your dream with this Butch male blow up doll. The packaging is great as the box states, "He may be your first but he will be the one you never forget." This is a great gag for the bachelorette, divorce party or adult party! A great conversation piece and lots of fun for a male inflatable!

Blow Up DollsGladiator Blow Up Doll
If you are looking for some dress up fun from your male inflatable, check out the Gladiator. This male blow up doll actually has a vibrating tongue and also is equipped to conquer you! A great doll for any bachelorette party, adult party, divorce party, gay party or just because.

Regardless of the male blow up doll you choose above, you can always bring other outfits to dress the doll up with. It is also fun to handcuff the bachelorette or friend to the doll and take lots of great pictures! As you can see, there is not a large amount of blow up doll selections for women with full male inflatable but check out our games section and Willie section which does have other male body part inflatable. Have a great time with your male blow up doll!

Male Blow Up Dolls We Would Like To See:
It is interesting that unless you are at a wax museum, you cannot have a replica at the current time of your favorite male hunk at your bachelorette party or adult party. We have listed below the male blow up dolls we would enjoy seeing:

Brad Pitt Blow Up Doll
This doll would be one of the most popular on the market! Even though Angelina has her man, we hope they build a male inflatable of our favorite hunk!

Orlando Bloom Blow Up Doll
Orlando as a blow up doll would be my favorite pirate to sweep me away! We highly recommend this male celebrity blow up doll.

Antonio Banderas Blow Up Doll
We find this Latin male sexy and would make a great Latin male blow up doll! He can make his Zorro Z on us any time :)

David Beckham blow up doll
Soccer anyone? We love this sexy hunk who would make a great male blow up doll. We would have to speak with Posh Spice about this (who would also make a great blow up doll)

Chris Brown blow up doll
This sexy singer has hit the charts and we would love to hit him up in making a male blow up doll.

Tom Cruise blow up doll
Although this star seems to have gone off the deep end, we would love to see him as a male blow up doll during his Top Gun or Risky Business days!

Patrick Dempsey blow up doll
This childhood star has come into his own and we would love to make him a male blow up doll.

Johnny Depp blow up doll
Captain Sparrow would make the perfect blow up doll. You can see his animatronics at Disneyland if you want to already see how he would look as a male blow up doll.

Zac Effron blow up doll
Although he is still making High School Musical movies, this young hunk would make a great male blow up doll. Get your head into the game!

Derek Jeter blow up doll
What fun it would be to run the bases with this hunk sports star! Derek Jeter would be perfect as a blow up doll.

Jude Law blow up doll
Jude is a great actor and would make a great blow up doll.

Ryan Phillippe blow up doll
Ryan is now single and is ready to be a male blow up doll so at least we think! Ryan is in great shape and would be great at a bachelorette party.

Will Smith blow up doll
The fresh prince is still a hit with us in his hunky roles. Although this daddy is well behaved, we would love to see him as a blow up doll (sorry Jada :).

Justin Timberlake blow up doll
This sexy little singer has come into his own and is one of the sexiest women alive (at least my girlfriends and I think so!) We would love to see the Justin blow up doll.

Keith Urban blow up doll
This hunk can really sing and has a beautiful wife but would still make a great Keith blow up doll (comes with his guitar and strings :)

Mark Wahlberg blow up doll
Markey Mark would make an amazing blow up doll. This under-rated amazing actor and model would make a great Markey Mark blow up doll.

Denzel Washington blow up doll
Enough said! He lights up the room with his presence and would make any bachelorette happy as a male blow up doll.

Taye Diggs blow up doll
Girls would love to see this model/actor be an inflatable. Look Taye up if you bachelorette's don't know who he is since he is fine!

John Mayer blow up doll
This singer is music to my ears as a blow up doll. He can take me to wonderland any time he wants. I hope they make a John Mayer blow up doll soon.

Leonardo Decaprio blow up doll
Here is a hunk who came into his own. No more child actor here! We would love to see a Leo inflatable as a bachelorette party blow up doll.

Rob Pattinson blow up doll
If you love Twilight, you would love Rob as an inflatable hunk. Just don't sick your teeth into this hot inflatable or you are sure to get a burst of air!

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Let us know what male blow up dolls you would like to see and we will add them.

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