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Click here for a great selection of blowup dolls!Blow up dolls can be fun for any adult event. Female blow up dolls are the first that were created and are the most made out of any of the blow up dolls. The top use is for a bachelor party, adult party, or for personal use. There have also been other funny uses of them, such as a raft, partner to drive on the freeway carpool lane, for a gag and many more. Female blow up dolls are made many ways. Some are simple plastic without any lower gender specific markings (what you would find at a bachelor party) while some have more realistic features. Some female blow up dolls have three holes as well as cyberskin to make them feel realistic. At the top of the female blow up doll chain are dolls that look and feel real to the touch which are very high end and more expensive as they are made from latex and other fine materials as well as their stitching or sealing. Some dolls are made custom to order and even with real hair!

Below we have listed a nice amount of the most popular female blow up dolls to give you a sample of what is out there and how many different types of blow up dolls you can find. We also have other female blow up dolls that are more of a certain interest on our "Celebrity Blow Up Dolls" or "Animals and Novelty" pages. There are common themes of dolls including nationalities, body part focused, dress up and many other fetishes. We have covered the most common female blow up doll types below:

French Maid Blow Up Doll
French Maid Blow Up DollThere is nothing like a hot cleaning lady who can fill your deepest desires while cleaning your junk. This French Maid blow up doll is perfect for any bachelor party and comes in an excellent box. The face on this inflatable is photo'd on making it look more realistic than the other plastic faces out there. Comes in an excellent box to make any bachelor party or personal experience one to remember.

Female Blow Up Doll (Judy)
This is the most sold female blow up doll for a bachelor party blow up doll. Judy is not anatomically correct below the belt but does have hooters. She is awesome and cheap for a playdate at a bachelor party! Many bachelor party events have her handcuffed to the bachelor for a memorable time (a picture moment).

Jenna Jameson Blow Up DollJenna Jameson Blow Up Doll
This is the top star of the adult industry and she has her own blow up doll. Most top stars have their own blow up dolls as it is popular to do this in the adult industry as many want to have their doll for a bachelor party or personally. Jenna Jameson has a few different dolls. This Jenna Jameson blow up doll pictured is the Jenna Jameson Extreme Latex Doll which is a higher end doll. Jenna also has some lower end dolls as well. If you have a favorite adult star, look them up by name followed by blow up doll and you may find what you are looking for!

Black Female Blow Up DollBlack Female Blow Up Doll
If you are looking for black, you will never go back as the old statement is about lovely black women states! Black female dolls are popular and this one pictured is "My Baby Got Back" which also brings in those that are looking for a female blow up doll with some nice booty!


Asian Female Blow Up DollAsian Female Blow Up Doll
Asian blow up dolls are very popular among the Caucasian folks! This cute Asian fever blow up doll states that "Her body is a temple of pleasure". Asian blow up dolls come in many themes and packages. This one is a favorite.


Russian Mail Order Bride Blow Up DollRussian Mail Order Bride Blow Up Doll
The popularity of mail order brides from Russia (who has beautiful women) has created the popularity of this Russian blow up doll. The doll's packaging is very funny and great for any singles party or someone who was recently divorced (and in good spirits). The doll states 3-sexy Siberian openings.


Latin Blow Up DollLatin Blow Up Doll
There are many blow up dolls that are Hispanic/Latin as it is a beautiful culture with beautiful women! This Latin blow up doll takes after JLo and is called JHo. Click here to see other celebrity blow up dolls.


Big Boob Blow Up DollsBig Boob Blow Up Dolls
One type of fetish or personal favorite is boobies. There are many big boob blow up dolls like the one pictured here. This big boob blow up doll comes with cleaner and a dvd as many are packaged like this to get people to purchase them and have a edge!


Moaning Love DollMoaning Love Doll
This cyberskin love doll (blow up doll) is a higher end doll that has an electronic vibrating and sound of moaning. It is for the more professional blow up doll person. This is a higher end cost ($299.00) doll since it is made better and is not only about the marketing. This is one of many higher end dolls that you can find on the market and are very popular among the single people or those who enjoy a fetish.

Hustler Latex Love DollHustler Latex Love Doll
This love doll is a high end latex doll that is posed for love! You are looking at a doll that ranges for about $450.00 and is built for motion and pleasing! This is the ultimate blow up doll present for someone who is looking to have some fun with a mannequin type love session! Don't expect too much interaction but hours of latex doll enjoyment.

Real DollReal Doll - Supreme Latex and Life-like Doll
For those who are looking for companionship and not caring of the cost, the Real Doll is the ultimate in as real as it gets! This amazing type of product can be customized to fit your needs in what you are looking for. They cover everything from the face, torso, movement, skin, hair and makeup to make the woman of your dreams! There is a cost to this as these real dolls run an average of 6K to 8K but are made amazing! Check out the thumbnail and larger picture of this doll by clicking on the picture.

The next page includes our dress up blow up doll favorites which you can get to by clicking here.

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