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Travel Size Blow Up Dolls
There are some new bachelor party blow up dolls that have just come to the market that are cheaper and smaller inflatables to make any last night out successful and memorable. These are the mini-me's of the bachelor party doll world and can easily fit into a travel bag if the bachelor party is away. Check out the following female blow up dolls that are minature or travel size with each 26" in height. We suggest using these as bachelor party decorations while also getting a full size inflatable bachelor party blow up doll.

Black Blow Up DollShananay blow up doll - Although it is great they started to make black female blow up dolls, this travel size inflatable is racist even though it is done by the manufacturing company as novelty humor. The box state's "She's Ghetto Fabulous!" and they do make the doll attractive on the cartoon box, however we would still like to see more black inflatable bachelor party blow up dolls.


Blow Up DollJudy blow up doll - A bachelor party classic doll is the judy blow up doll. This cute travel size inflatable is perfect to go on the road with the groom and is packaged great with a sexy cartoon of a brunette blow up. A great bachelor party gift to throw in the bag and decorate the room with.


Granny Blow Up DollGranny blow up doll - If you are looking for a travel sized GILF blow up doll, you have found it with this little granny inflatable love doll. The box is halarious with a great cartoon of granny's sagging boobs and huge underwear pants as well as a picture of dentures. For a bachelor party gag gift, this bachelor party blow up doll will make a lot of memories at your last night out.


Fat Blow Up DollFatty Patty blow up doll - The groom will never be the same after hanging out with Fatty Patty at his bachelor party! For any man who loves some cushion for the pushin, this travel sized inflatable takes the cake! Very great packaging which shows a picture of the cute but large woman in cartoon form along with the drawing of a coffee cake on the box! A bachelor party favorite!


Tranny Blow Up DollTranny bachelor party blow up doll - If the bachelor is looking for something alternative, the tranny blow up doll is perfect for him. The box states that she is "more than a woman" which is correct as she does have male genitals! The box is well done with a cartoon of a transvestite blow up and will surely get the bachelor party guests to get a great laugh.


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