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Female Costume Blow Up Dolls
There are a lot of different female blow up dolls you can choose from. One of the most popular groupings of female blow up dolls is the costume blow up dolls. Males have always been noted for being visual and into role-playing which is why these female blow up dolls are so popular. Below we have listed some of the most popular female blow up dolls in costumes for your review:

Cheerleader Blow Up DollCheerleader Blow Up Doll - Give me a "C" for cheerleader blow up doll. One of the most popular fantasies for men is having a cheerleader. There are many cheerleader blow up dolls on the market and this one states that "She will satisfy your locker room fantasies". Just like in the movie Porkey's with Kim Cattrall playing the cheerleader in the locker room, this is a popular blow up doll for any bachelor party or adult party.

Bride Blow Up DollBride Blow Up Doll - This bachelor bride blow up doll is a hilarious inflatable for any bachelor party. Since blow up dolls are very popular at bachelor party events, this doll was perfect to be made especially for a bachelor party! Much of the zing is in the marketing of the blow up doll box and not the doll itself although pretty funny things happen. Check out our blow up doll story page for some funny stories.

French Maid Blow Up DollFrench Maid Blow Up Doll - Almost every male at some point in their lives growing up had a fantasy of making it with a French maid! Many of the 80's teen movies had this theme (Private Tutor style). The maid blow up doll in the image is named Gigi and is a great inflatable for any adult party or bachelor party. This doll's packaging is hilarious as it states, "She does windows and a HOLE lot more!" There are many maid dolls like this one you can find for your party!

Nurse Blow Up DollNurse Blow Up Doll - Everyone loves a naughty nurse. This is a top fantasy of men as well as the nurse roll is always one of taking care of their patient! Dial 911 and have some fun with this novelty doll. This blow up doll box states, "Get Into My Nurses Uniform And Perform Like A Surgeon" There are a lot of nurse blow up dolls and one of our favorites is the trailer trash nurse blow up doll as well as this one pictured.

Police Blow Up DollPolice Blow Up Doll - You have the right to remain silent with this female police blow up doll. For those guys who love being dominated and handcuffed, here is your match. A great bachelor party doll as you can handcuff the bachelor to this female blow up cop and take him in for drinking! This doll pictured is called Officer Sukkit! We love the names and packages of these dolls!

Firewoman Blow Up DollFirewoman Blow Up Doll - Things may get a little hot with this firewoman blow up doll! The great thing about these fantasy outfit dolls is the look on the bachelor party groom's face or the person's face when they receive the box. This firewoman blow up doll is great for any fireman party, adult party or bachelor party!


Barely Legal Blow Up DollBarely Legal Blow Up Doll - Many men have fantasies of getting together with someone much younger than them (we are talking about young women over the age of 18 so please get help if you are thinking of younger than that!). The term barely legal places something taboo and exciting to many men which is why it is a popular fetish or interest of men. The Barely legal blow up doll was created to fulfill this fantasy of an over 18 young woman. This doll is made of cyberskin so it feels real to the touch and is one of the more expensive blow up latex dolls.

Ménage A Trios Blow Up DollsMénage A Trios Blow Up Dolls - One plus one equals some fun with these two blow up female dolls! Many men discuss a fantasy of being together with two women at once. This box contains two inflatable females that are great at any bachelor party or adult party! A great idea is to handcuff the bachelor to both dolls and have him walk around the bar with his honeys! A Kodak moment!

We have listed the most common costume blow up dolls above. Please let us know of your favorite blow up dolls in costume and we hope you enjoyed our write up on female blow up dolls.

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