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Pre-Doll Care

After purchasing a blow up doll, the next step is to make sure it is taken care of and not destroyed prior or after its use. If you follow the steps as listed below, you will have a long lasting inflatable :

Step One: Careful Removal Of Blow Up Doll - Most blow up dolls come packaged in a box. Make sure not to use scissors carelessly or you may pop the doll prior to its inflation!

Step Two: Spread The Blow Up Doll Out Carefully - When removing the doll out of the box or packaging, make sure to carefully take the doll out of the box and slowly spread out the body parts. Sometimes the plastic, rubber or silicone sticks and can pop. It is important to open the blow up doll up a little prior to blowing it up.

Step Three: The Blow Up or Pop - When blowing up the blow up doll, make sure to slowly add air, especially if using an electric pump. We recommend using a hand pump which some websites sell as it adds air slowly. Blowing up the doll by mouth will also be sufficient but a little time consuming. (See blow up doll humorous stories relating to blowing up a doll by mouth).

Step Four: Do Not Overfill - Make sure to not overfill the blow up doll with air or it may pop and would be hard to fix. There should be a nice solid feel to the doll but still a little bendable. If it is filled up too much, you will feel no give to the plastic and will look stiff. Just think of it like not overfilling a raft.

Step Five: Do Not Place Around Sharp or Hot Objects - Yes, this sounds very obvious but we hear about it happening all the time. It is also important to not bring it out in scorching weather as it may also pop or melt, especially Las Vegas in the Summer time.

After Care of Blow Up Doll

It is important after a night out with the blow up doll to follow the steps below in post blow up doll care in keeping the inflatable in great condition for another time.

Deflate the Doll - At this point when not in use, the doll will be better off deflated and placed back in its box or sealed plastic bag.

Keep The Doll In Cool Place - Keeping the doll outside or in the heat of summer can ruin the plastic or rubber. Store in a cool place anywhere from 65-78 degrees.

Keep Away From Sharp or Heavy Objects - When storing the blow up doll, keep it in a safe storage place away from anything that may pop it, even when deflated.

Mark The Box - If you don't place the blow up doll in its original box and use a generic box, make sure to write on the box what you have inside prior to storage so you don't forget about the doll.

Fixing a Popped Blow Up Doll - Do not use any type of alcohol or aversive glues (i.e., crazy glue) as it melts plastic instead of helping. Get a raft patch which will work on the blow up doll plastic or rubber.

Washing The Doll - If you will be cleaning the doll after a long night out, it is important to use gentle soap and mild water. You do not want to use anything that may be aversive and pop the blow up doll.

I hope you find this blow up doll care information helpful. Please write in your comments and have a great time.

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