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Click here for a great selection of blowup dolls!Your #1 place to find out anything and everything you want to know about blow up dolls. Whether you are planning on having a party or enjoy the company of an inflatable, our site will take care of your blowup doll needs. We wanted to make a fun site that covers everything from most popular dolls, inflatable care, to great party ideas that include a plastic friend. Besides discussing these great novelity items, we will also let you know of some great sites to purchase your hot air friends and even the more life-like dolls.

We will start off with the most popular blow up dolls of the month. It seems that new dolls are coming out all the time. In fact, there has been a lot of press recently about some of the new celebrity dolls that have come out which have a box cover looking very much of a likeness to the celebrity!

We will review the most popular blow up dolls for males and females. Our next section will cover female inflatables, which are extremely popular for bachelor parties. There are so many types of dolls to choose from very economical to very pricey, depending on the detail and quality of doll. We also showcase the more realistic blowup dolls for those wanting more of a real life looking doll. Finally, we discuss those that like the real life looking dolls which are a new trend.

Male blow up dolls are becoming more popular, especially at a bachelorette party, divorce party, or singles parties! We list the good, the bad and the ugly of these male dolls that will give you insight on what types are out there for consumers. A huge new trend are the celebrity dolls like Paris, Lindsey, Jessica, Christina, Eva and Pamela. These celebrity plastic friends are hilarious and so much fun at any bachelor party or bachelorette party. We list each of the dolls as well as the recent controversy regarding each dolls marketing box that are loads of laughs. We even have the scoop on which celebrity blow up dolls may be created next!

Games with therse are increasing in popularity at bachelorette parties and coming of age parties. We list the best blow up doll games as well as how they are played. We would even love to hear from you on what blow up doll games you have played at a party you have been to. There are also many types of Willie inflatables for bachelorette parties and we have your large selection on what is out there. Christina Aguilera even stated on Ellen she used the blow up willies at her baby boy's circumcision party which is another great use for them. Finally, we discuss the gag gift of blow up animals and other oddities like a blow up alien. These dolls are great for any adult party.

With all this talk about blow up dolls, we felt it important to cover care to make sure your investment can be with you for more than one party or event. Furthermore we have some great true stories that you will find very funny. We would also love to hear from you with stories you may have from a party involving a doll. Just remember that caring is sharing :)

We finally finish up our site with some great links and resources as well as complimentary products and services. We hope you find our blow up doll information useful and helpful in choosing the right blow up doll for you or your party.

Tip of the month - Spring 2015
A great bachelorette party blow up doll or bachelor party blow up doll game is to purchase a few blow up doll
pumps and a few dolls. Get costumes for the blow up doll but do not dress them up yet. Have each person or team get ready and when you start the clock, race to see who can blow up the doll and then dress the doll in the fastest time! A fun and memorable bachelor and bachelorette party game.

Check out our previous blow up doll season tips and our blow up doll resources.

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